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Winterim, our annual two week intensive Project Based Learning experience, began on January 14 and concludes with the Wonders of Winterim on January 27.

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time investigating and responding to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.  A description of each classroom project may be found on the second page of the Newsletter.

Our students will spend each afternoon during this time period working on their projects.  Projects will be on display at the Wonders of Winterim on Sunday, January 27 from noon – 3 PM.  Cookies and beverages will be served.

This day also serves as an Open House for potential new students.

Winterim Class Projects


Kindergarten - How do we know about dinosaurs and what were dinosaurs?

The kindergarten class will learn how dinosaurs were discovered, what dinosaurs were and will choose a dinosaur to research.  They will complete a variety of dinosaur activities and will complete projects based on the dinosaur they choose.

First Grade – What is a folk tale?

The first grade will explore American folk tales. They will look at the tales of Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Annie Oakley, Davey Crockett and John Henry to see what a folk tale is and work to create one of their own.

Second Grade – How are physical and mental health related?

The second grade will be learning about how physical and emotional/mental health are related and learning about places around Fort Wayne such as Erin's House and The Charis House. They will then create blueprints and physically design playgrounds out of materials found around the home  and school.

Third Grade - How can I create a machine to _____ ?

Students will learn about simple machines and how they work. Simple machines include the lever, wheel and axle, wedge, screw, pulley, and inclined plane. Once they have investigated how these machines work, they will create their own machine that is made up of two or more simple machines that will help to solve a problem of their choosing. They will have time to make revisions and improve upon their designs. 
Fourth Grade – How to open a food truck? 

Food trucks are now the big craze for food lovers. This PBL project helps students design and open their own food truck. They also learn about the foods from different countries, entrepreneurship, and economics.

Fifth Grade – How do you plan a Eurotrip?

In this project, students will plan a trip to Europe. This project allows students to make many choices which will manipulate their experience. The must stay within a set budget, calculate time changes, pick and price activities to do in their spare time, all while learning a little bit about another place! 

Sixth Grade - How can games help students make improvements?

Students will work together to identify a skill that younger students need to improve. Based on that deficit, they will create a board game to help enhance that skill. Students will also work together to persuade parents to purchase their games. 

Seventh Grade - How do sequencing and order of operations affect the outcome of a process?

Students will be creating their very own Escape Room! They will create the backstory for the room and they will also be using their current studies in order to inform the riddles to solve for escape! Will the parents be able to successfully escape from the Escape Room during the open house?

Eighth Grade - Who wants to run for President

This PBL unit extends classroom learning with a variety of multimedia tools to conduct an engaging election campaign for the Presidency. Students form political parties, write a platform, and conduct a campaign for the Presidency. Party platforms are presented to the class and embedded on election websites where each party has its own campaign site for their candidate. Parties use a variety of web tools to conduct an online and in school campaign and create their candidate's web page. The project concludes with the election of one of the candidates at the Wonders of Winterim! 

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